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  • Maria Fabiola Toledo

Week # 14 - Bienvenidos!!!

Dear Students and Families,

We have been working together for fourteen weeks learning Spanish. I appreciate your commitment and determination to complete your assignments, participate in class, and connect with me one-on-one to receive additional support during these unprecedented times. We have one more week of class before the Winter Break, and I hope that you continue to use our class website to practice and listen, and read stories in Spanish to further develop your Spanish skills. You only need 20 min per day.

You have Duolingo, which is one of the favorites, but you also have many resources in the listening area (videos with easy Spanish practice), books, and games to click open and play.

6th Grade Update

A new 6th grade class of Exploratory Spanish is beginning today. I welcome them and their families. I look forward to learning with you and for you.

Spanish 1 & 2 Update

In the next two weeks, we will focus our learning on writing in Spanish. We will have a fun activity where students will create a story after selecting some images. Depending on the image they choose, the outcome may surprise you!

Clarification regarding participation and class time

Unfortunately, I have seen more students disconnected and unable/unwilling to turn on their screen when working in groups. Spanish is a performance-based content area that requires repetition, participation, engagement, pronunciation to learn.

Also, I see students who only connect for attendance and are not there. They don't respond to questions, and they don't use the chat to respond to class activities. I also see students watching second screens, phones, conversations, playing video games, and disconnected from instruction during the official school schedule. We are doing our best to engage students. However, we need students to do their part at home.

The expectation in Spanish is to participate during the live lesson. We only see each other one time a week for less than 50 min. Therefore, I expect students to engage and participate unless I have been notified about it. Asking you to participate will only benefit you and our learning community.

I am sharing a participation rubric used by teachers at Anthony Middle School to show you what it looks like to participate and engage in class fully.

Muchas gracias for all your support.


Sra. Toledo.

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