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Week # 12 - Feliz Día de Gracias!

Dear Students and Families,

In the last ten weeks, so many things have happened in our Spanish class that I am beyond grateful for the excellent work you have presented. I listened to your Spanish oral exam, and you produced accurate, clear, and culturally appropriate sentences to navigating any Spanish beginner setting. We practiced greetings and the verb Ser & Estar used in short conversations, and it was awesome to listen to you.

This week, we explore how culture shapes our language and our communities? and how you can use your identity and culture to empower yourself and others. Students are learning words that raise their confidence to achieve beyond expectations. They are grateful for the lessons they have learned from what we called "My hero." Parents, friends, uncles, aunties, public speakers, athletes, mathematicians, scientists, and many more have empowered us to believe in who we are.

The following words have been found among student's heroes:

  • Fuerte - Strong.

  • Honesto - Honest.

  • Feliz - Happy.

  • Amable - Kind.

  • Amoroso - Loving.

  • Inteligente - Smart.

  • Valiente - Brave.

  • Buena Persona - Good Person.

  • Aventurera - Adventurous.

  • Fabuloso - Fabulous.

  • Cómico/Divertido - Funny.

  • Trabajador - Hard-working.

  • Educado - Educated.

  • Cariñoso - Caring.

  • Apasionado - Passionate.

  • Curioso - Curious.

  • Responsable - Responsible.

  • Creativo - Creative.

  • Paciente - Patient.

  • Generoso - Generous.

  • Extraordinary - Extraordinario.

I would like to suggest you write these words with your student and discuss the meaning of them. These words serve us as a reminder of how grateful we are for what they do and what you do to support them.

Have a peaceful and healthful Thanksgiving Break!


Sra. Toledo.

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