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Mi Suéter Feo!

Hola Students and Families,

We have completed 15 weeks of school during Distance Learning, and we all must be proud of the work, resiliency, and collaboration that has happened to make it possible. It has not been easy, or perfect, or what we all wanted. However, we have learned to see challenges as opportunities to grow.

To celebrate Spirit Week, I created a lesson where students are designing un "Suéter Feo" (Ugly Sweater). I would love it if you could design your own "Suéter Feo" at home with your family, brother or sister, or a friend. The idea is to have fun, practice some Spanish words, and connect. Please remember that this activity is OPTIONAL.

To complete this task, you need the following:

  1. Un papel.

  2. Colores

  3. Una regla.

  4. Creatividad!!

Directions -

  1. Draw a picture of an empty sweater.

  1. Add to the paper, all the elements included in the following table.

Please see and recognize the great "Suéter Feo" students have created.

Have a great Winter Break!


Sra. Toledo.

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