Class Expectations 


Students are expected to complete 2 tasks every week. 20 min of daily Spanish practice. This website has links to free audio, reading, video, games, and more to complete the weekly practice. Click on the website's tabs to find resources.

Students will listen to a show, watch a video (Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Audible, or any Free option engaging Spanish). 
2. READING -  
Students will read a book, magazine, article, newspaper, Spanish Cartoon to acquire vocabulary.
Students will use SEESAW (an application we are already
familiar with) to record themselves speaking Spanish.
Reading out loud any of the books they have read in
Spanish will support pronunciation and good diction. 
Students record their voice by pressing the 
green box.



1. Sra. Toledo wants every student to be part of the online learning community. 4R's Respect, Readiness, Responsibility & Relationships
2. Students are required to complete a Google Classroom activity every week.
3. Students are required to practice 20 mins of Spanish every day.
4. Students are required to complete the 20 mins of daily practice using the following link 
5. Sra. Toledo will offer optional recorded Zoom meetings to communicate weekly with students.
6. Sra. Toledo will offer readings, videos, and recordings to enhance the learning community.



Let's demonstrate

we care for each other!

1. Be respectful. Everyone has different feelings and opinions and it is important to respect this online.
2. Be aware of how your comments might be read: Strong language, capital letters, and exclamation marks can be easily misinterpreted online.
3. Be careful with humor and sarcasm. It’s always great to share jokes with others and it is important to be yourself online and let your personality shine through. 
4. Think about who can see what you have shared. Privacy settings are a simple way to restrict who can see what you are sharing.
5. Remember to check friend requests and group invites before accepting them. 
6. Take time to have a read of the rules of conduct/ community standards.
7. Take time to have a read of the rules of conduct/ community standards.
8. Be forgiving. The online world can be very different from the offline world so try to be understanding of others when they struggle with online communication.

        3.Teen Voices: Oversharing and

Your Digital Footprint